Tap Into Humanity

What if you could tap into people’s most powerful, deep-rooted beliefs – their narratives?

What We Do

Through a powerful mix of machine learning and narrative expertise, Monitor 360 developed Narrative Analytics™– the only data-driven solution to reveal, navigate and shape narratives for strategic advantage.

Narratives: Unseen Forces That Can Work For and Against You

Narratives are unseen forces that drive behavior, and can work for or against you.

Now more than ever, people are expressing themselves in all forms of media. Within this explosion of data resides a knowable set of narratives that govern people’s attitudes and behavior.

Monitor 360 helps clients harness the power of narratives – rather than being disrupted by them. The impact? Marketing, communications, strategy, products, and experiences that resonate more deeply.

Leading organizations trust Monitor 360 to:

  • Catalyze Growth in Mature Markets

    How can we expand our market share with key audiences?

    Challenge: Need to drive growth and find new ways to resonate with an evolving investor audience

    Solution: Analyzed beliefs “beyond investing” to understand how key audiences think about taking responsibility for their lives

    Value: Identified a new set of narratives Schwab could tap into around community, family, and entrepreneurship

  • Shape Reputation

    How can we shape the American brand around the world?

    Challenge: A history of telling the American story without fully understanding the country-specific social, cultural, and political context

    Solution: Surfaced the foundational narratives that drive beliefs in 40 countries. Revealed US actions and messages that impacted regional beliefs/perceptions, often in counterintuitive ways

    Value: Identified opportunities to resonate with more relevant messages, negotiations, and policies

  • Shift High-Stakes Conversations

    How do we resonate more deeply with our most important stakeholders?

    Challenge: Losing traction with teachers on major education initiatives

    Solution: Identified opportunity to align teacher strategy with a strongly held narrative of teacher desires for professional development and avoiding a deeply problematic narrative of treating education as a business

    Value: Successful positioning as an advocate for teachers through an evolved communications, programming, and investment platform

  • Pressure Test Strategy

    How do we objectively assess the effectiveness of our strategy?

    Challenge: Change brand image to reflect diversity and innovation

    Solution: Monitor 360 assessed ongoing impact of a new communications strategy with key stakeholders – media, corporations, and alumni – by quantifying the change in narratives about HBS

    Value: Provided evidence that efforts were shifting conversations and perceptions of HBS – from elitist and old school to diverse and innovative

Clients Who Harnessed the Power of Narratives

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Are narratives working for or against you?